Si2 OpenAccess Live Forum San Jose, California

Event Info

April 12, 2019 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., PST Si2 OpenAccess Live Forum San Jose, California Webinar for OpenAccess Coalition Members

ID-Substrate for Systematic Prediction and Prevention of Substrate Noise Coupling Effects

Dr. Ramy Iskander, CEO and Founder Intento Design

ID-Substrate: This disruptive software models the lateral bipolar effect with  multiple emitters and multiple collectors configuration, allowing accurate prediction of minority and majority carriers propagation inside a P-substrate with multiple N-wells. It is fully based on the OpenAccess database and oaxPop extension.

What You’ll Learn

– Why lateral bipolars are difficult to model for a chip

– How to use OpenAccess, oaxPop and Spectre to perform accurate TCAD-like simulations

– The technology behind ID-Substrate

– The Intento Design offer for foundries

The complete recording of Dr Iskander’s presentation (including the Q&A Session at the end) is available below: