CDN Live 2019 – May 8 Presentation

Session Track: Mixed Signal and Advanced Methodologies [MS-Techtorial VI]

Accelerated Design, Migration and Substrate Coupling Analysis for Analog Design

  • Speaker: Ramy Iskander, CEO, INTENTO DESIGN 
Time: Wednesday, May 08, 12:00 – 12:30, Room: Alpsee
Session Description: In this presentation, the CEO of Intento Design reveals two disruptive innovations that have been fully developed within Cadence Design Environment: ID-Xplore for fast and automated design and migration for analog IPs and ID-Substrate for fast simulation of substrate noise coupling as well as the detection and prevention against complex physical effetcs such as latchup.

  • ID-Xplore: This disruptive software allows the systematic and automatic identification of all types of design errors arising from under- or over-specification, and the prevention of their propagation from design to realization, hence avoiding design costs coming from deficient masks (one error costs $5M per mask for FinFET, and $1M per mask for standard processes). In addition, it guarantees the error-free and correct-by-construction functional designs of analog blocks.
  • ID-Substrate: This disruptive software is a direct exploitation of the foreground results of the AUTOMICS project, which has been co-ordinated by Dr Iskander from July 2012. This patented technology allows for the modelling of the lateral propagation of minority and majority carriers inside a piece of doped substrate. This model is automatically extracted for a complete chip and simulated in Spectre in just a few minutes.