At Intento Design, we think about analog design automation differently. We understand that every designer has their own unique design strategy. Our tools are developed to be adaptable and fast, facilitating designer’s informed decision making at all project stages.
  • ID-Xplore™ is a specification-driven and technology-independent analog design acceleration and migration tool for schematic centric design flows. ID-Xplore offers unique bias and sizing exploration that can exhaustively search the design space while respecting the designer’s intentions.
  • ID-Substrate™ is a substrate coupling analysis tool for silicon & signoff verification. ID-Substrate accurately predicts substrate high-risk areas enabling failure prevention before fabrication. ID-Substrate assures significant reliability and speed advantage for manufacturability signoff. The ID-Substrate tool is particularly useful in verification of automotive IC analysis.
  • Intento Design team also provides ID-Services for analog design, technology migration, and substrate noise coupling risk analysis and failure prevention.

ID-Xplore provides exhaustive SPICE accurate analog design exploration capability at the schematic level. Performance trade-off decisions can take a designer down a non-optimal design path; ID-Xplore extensive transistor sizing and clearly presented performance results assure that the analog designer fully utilizes the design space to achieve the optimal result in the least possible number of iterations.

ID-Substrate is a substrate coupling analysis tool used to predict and prevent substrate noise coupling and catastrophic failures, such as latch-up, in analog circuits.

ID-Substrate is particularly useful in automotive and RF applications as well as for applications requiring specific layout mitigation, such as radiation hardening.

Collaborate with our team of experts to realize the power of Intento Solution in bringing your product to market faster than ever thought possible.

Our Services team can help you with schematic design or technology porting, substrate coupling analysis on select technologies, as well as specified R & D services for advanced EDA products.