In addition to to our EDA tools, Intento Design offers services to support our customers for schematic design, technology migration at the functional level, analysis of substrate noise coupling effects, and specific R&D services.
ID-Xplore is a schematic-centric design acceleration tool designed to fit into your analog design environment.
Schematic Design
Individual circuit blocks or entire systems can be designed quickly to your specifications using our EDA tools. This service can occur at your company site, or internal at our offices. Schematic designs regularly to require months can be fully completed in weeks using our advanced EDA products.
Technology Porting
Technology porting of entire libraries at the functional level can be done quickly using ID-Xplore, either at your company site or internal at our offices. Technology porting is made easy with ID-Xplore, and our services can ensure that your project is on schedule.
R & D Services in EDA
On request, Intento Design can develop enhanced user-configurable product features specific to your company needs for accelerated design flows. Contact us today to discuss your needs.
ID-Substrate is a substrate coupling analysis tool, used to predict and prevent substrate noise coupling and catastrophic failures, such as latch-up, in analog circuits. IDSubstrate is particularly useful in automotive applications and applications requiring layout mitigation, such as radiation hardened or fault tolerant systems.
ID-Substrate is currently available for services only in select technologies.
If you are a foundry, and you wish to use ID-Substrate to provide first-time-correct silicon to your clients, ID-Substrate is available as a software product or on a service basis.
If you are a semiconductor designer and wish to use ID-Substrate to verify your analog layout, contact your foundry to see if they are characterised for ID-Substrate. If your foundry is characterised with ID-Substrate, Intento Design can provide services for substrate coupling analysis and optimal floorplanning at your site or internally at our offices.