Intento Member of ANR Helicity

Intento Design is a partner in the ANR (French National Research Agency) project HELICITY in collaboration with the academic partner École Central de Lyon and the industrial partner ASYGN from Grenoble.



The ambition of this project is to develop novel design methods for More-than-Moore ICs (i.e. micro-nanoelectronics-centered, and including heterogeneous components such as analog/RF circuits and multi-physics sensors and actuators). Such ICs are the root technologies for nanoscale sensor nodes and the next big waves of Internet of Things (IoT) in many sectors (healthcare, transport, security, etc.), but present huge design challenges and increasingly slow time-to-market cycles, as well as severe sub-optimality. New design approaches are mandatory to enhance current "state of the art" design environments (such as schematic and SPICE-like simulators), which scale badly and which will hamper the full deployment of MtM technology for efficient sensor nodes and IoT.

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