July 2018: A New Kind of Analog EDA Company

A New Kind of Analog EDA Company

Published on July 10, 2018





















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What else can ID-Xplore help me automate? How about technology porting of analog circuits to a new foundry process model. This works because your initial schematic in Virtuoso can re-load with a new PDK, then the designer can adjust constraints like new PDK choice and supply values. All of your old constraints can be re-used or even updated while porting to a new technology. You can actually port circuits in one afternoon, not days or weeks, wow. FinFET, FDSOI, BD, Bipolar and CMOS technologies are supported by ID-Xplore.

You can probably imagine that a tool like ID-Xplore can create hundreds of different sized schematics quickly, giving you quite a range to choose from in meeting your specifications. There's plenty of visualization to help pick out your favorite results using the N-Viewer tool, shown below where each green dot represents a sized schematic that meets specs while a red dot is a failed sized schematic:














N-Dimensional Viewer. Red is failing, green is passing.

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